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Ivo Goldstein (Zagreb): Types of Anti-Semitism on the Territory of Former Yugoslavia (1918–2000)

Oto Luthar and Irena Šumi (Ljubljana): Living in metaphor: Jews and Anti-Semitism in Slovenia

Vladimir Paunovsky (Sofia): Anti-Semitism in Bulgaria – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Panayiota Andrianopoulou (Athens): The Existence of Absence. Jewish Presence in Veroia through Memories and Narratives of Christian Inhabitants

Béla Rásky (Budapest): A Story Differently Told, Remembered and Constructed: Jews and Anti-Semitism in 20th century Hungary

Hildrun Glass (München): Romanian Jews in the Early Years of Communist Rule. Notes on the Myth of “Jewish Communism"

Michael Shafir (Prague): Memory, Memorials and Membership: Romanian Utilitarian Anti-Semitism and Marshall Antonescu

Mariana Karadjova (Geneva): Restitution of Jewish Property in Eastern Europe


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