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Research office

Research office

We provide professional expertise to researchers at all stages, from developing their research ideas to crafting project proposals, we contact and communicate with potential project partners, prepare documents for project grant agreements and support and guide reporting about project activities. Our work is based on long-standing experience with different research programmes and research projects co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS), EU programmes such as H2020, Hera, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens and other programmes of different Directorates general. Several successful projects are proof of excellent European territorial cooperation (interregional, transnational, cross-border cooperation). We cooperate on international projects (e.g. EEA and Norway Grants, SCOPES) and national decentralized cohesion policy projects (European fund for regional development (EFRD), European social fund (ESF), Cohesion fund) as well.

What we do?

  • We regularly follow the on-going research calls (ARRS, European and international calls) and share information with researchers about them and about relevant events related to the calls.
  • We contact potential project partners and support partners’ communication.
  • We professionally support the preparation of a project proposal throughout all its phases – identification of relevant calls and programmes, assistance in project proposal's preparation, completing administrative and financial part of project proposals.
  • For successful project proposals, we carry out all necessary administrative matters.
  • We prepare periodic and final financial reports for project activities.
  • We cooperate with the National Contact Points.
  • We organize different courses and training to further develop researchers’ skills and competences.

Who we are?

dr. Mimi Urbanc, Head, Deputy Director

Phone: +386 1 470 63 54

  • managing the research office
  • advising regarding project proposals
  • international calls and eligible use of funds
  • international projects’ grant agreement
  • organising, planning and managing of joint project proposals
  • analysing and comparing of qualitative and quantitative research efficiency indicators
  • planning and organisation of training to support research work
  • advising regarding bibliographic databases
  • following strategies and research policies

dr. Jerneja Fridl, Assistant Director

Phone: +386 1 470 63 66


  • following national calls (Official Journal and webpages of ministries, municipalities) and public procurements
  • advising on applications for national projects (content and finance), coordinating joint applications and submitting applications through the eJN)
  • commercial projects (calculation of service prices)
  • donations, sponsorships
  • reviewing of contracts for the projects
  • following the rules of the cohesion programs and the instructions of the managing authorities
  • caring for eligible use of funds (hours plan, reporting)
  • managing the ZRC SAZU infrastructure program
  • managing the implementation of the ZRC SAZU business-information system (personnel, accounting, project and documentation system)

Tanja Valte, Assistant Director

Phone: +386 1 470 64 13


  • following ARRS national calls
  • providing expertise on ARRS projects’ and programmes’ applications
  • ARRS grant agreements
  • monitoring eligible use of funds (hours plan, reporting) for research projects and programmes (hours plan, reporting)
  • young researchers (applications, hours plan, reporting)
  • authors’ contracts
  • SAZU’s agreement »Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Slovenian Nation«

Tina Mihelič

Phone: +386 1 470 64 44

  • following calls for research projects
  • providing expertise on project applications
  • providing expertise on budget drafting for EU and international projects
  • supporting researchers on administrative matters at all stages of the application process
  • managing ZRC SAZU accounts on EU and international authentication services for project applications

Služba za izvajanje projektov

Tanja Pavčič
Phone: +386 1 470 64 18

  • coordination of the project implementation team
  • following the rules of the EU programs and guidance from managing authorities
  • advising on the eligible use of funds of the EU programmes
  • monitoring the use of funds, reporting

Nina Juvan Mastnak

Phone: +386 1 470 64 91


Neva Stepic

Phone: +386 1 470 64 05


Staša Koderman

Phone: +386 1 470 64 64


  • monitoring the use of funds, reporting on international and national cohesion projects

Olga Kardoš

Phone: +386 1 470 64 55


  • editing and managing time’s records